Have you ever asked,
Can My PC Run this game?

What is Can My PC Run?

Have you ever wondered Can My PC Run this game? How often do you visit Steam and cannot be sure if the game you are interested can run on your PC? If you're a PC Gamer then no doubt at some point you have experienced lag, loss of FPS and other frustrating issues that may result in a poor gaming experience. Well... No More! Our aim is simply to tell you whether or not your PC will be able to smoothly run the game of your choice. Your computer's compatibility with that game you want to play is just a few clicks away!

Sounds cool, how does it work?

Create an account with us, input your hardware details and search away! We have a huge database of game requirements and run a clever script that compares your PC specs to the needs of the game. As soon as you search for your desired game, you are instantly shown your results using a simple to read traffic light system like below. You will finally know if your PC can run it!

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OK, what's the catch? How much?

Absolutely nothing... No, really! This site was created by a PC gamer who wanted a site like this to exist to ensure he was getting the best experience out of his gaming.

What else can I do?

Once you have an account created for Can My PC Run you also become a member of the community and are able to comment and post about your game of choice. You also have access to the one-click test that will show you an instant result on your compatibility score and will show you a clear result on whether or not your PC will be able to run the game in question.

Why does this exist?

As an avid gamer, I myself have had numerous occasions in which I have purchased the latest hit AAA title and discovered that my PC can barely run the game. I also noticed that on numerous gaming forums a lot of people tend to post the spec of their PC and manually ask the question to other members. To aid the PC gaming community and to prevent people from wasting money on that new game only to find out that it runs at 10 FPS, I created this tool for easy, quick results.

I don't even know what specs I have!? What next?

No worries! We created a nice little guide that shows you exactly how to find this information. Just click here.

Can you just get my PC spec for me? I can't be bothered to sign-up!

In theory, we could write a little exe program for you to download and do this. I have had to do run exe files on my machine for other sites in the past and have never quite liked the idea of it as you never fully know how safe that exe file is. We believe that our users will likely have the same mindset and would feel a little uncomfortable doing this so we have not yet build this functionality. However, if this is something you would be interested in, please drop us an email here and we may get it done!